KEY technologists have been working with Local
Authorities on production of their Statutory Returns
since 2004

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We know the guidance, the data structures and the pitfalls inside out.

We know how rarely the “touch of a button” solution really works.

Amongst our favourites over the years:

  • SSDA 903
  • CIN Census
  • SALT Returns
  • Annex A
  • P1E
  • HH1
  • PSS EX1
  • RAP Returns

How do your reports compare to last year? What trends are you seeing? Are you reporting the correct information in the right manner?


We know the importance of returning accurate reports. We understand each step of the process and submit accurate returns in a timely and efficient manner will place any local Authority in the best possible light.


We will work with you, providing any level of support required.

For some clients, we provide a complete end-to-end service, including year-round data quality monitoring, regular predicted indicator updates for management, as well as full preparation of the returns and uploading ready for final submission by the appropriate member of the client staff.

Do your figures marry up and show a true reflection of your area?


Would it benefit from a ‘fine-tuning’ of your existing submission data extract reports?


We can ensure your data reports are properly configured and customised to reflect local business processes, system anomalies and data quality issues allowing incorrect data to be corrected, hidden, concealed or worked around.

Case Studies
We are working with an ever-increasing number of Local Authorities, and new examples of how we have helped them to enhance their management reporting and data management continue to emerge, so we want to share them with you (where we have permission from those client of course). Here is a small sample of some of the projects we have worked on, along with some of the nice things people have said about us…

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