How do you create user based overrides for Universe connections using Information Design Tool in BI 4.0?

Load Information Design Tool from the start menu.

Select a Repository Resource to connect to.

When asked input your credentials and select connect.

Locate and select the Universe you require from the available Universes.

Hit Finish and the Universe will load.

Once loaded you will need to open the security window.

To do this Select Window from the top menu items and choose Security Editor.


Select OK to the open session window

Now Select Users / Groups from the middle Pane which will show you the available Data Security Profiles.

Note you will need to select both a Universe and a User Group or User for the profiles to show.


To Add a new restriction select the      icon.

Provide a Suitable Name in the Data Security Profile Name text are and select the Connection tab.


Select the Original Connection you wish to have a Replacement Connection for.

Click on the Edit button.

Select the Connection you wish to have as the replacement one and then click OK.

To apply this to a user group or user ensure that you are still on your chosen universe and person or group. This can be checked by reviewing the below.

Tick the Data Security Profile/Profiles you wish to apply and then hit file and Save.

As a final check load an InfoView Report or Dashboard and check that the results are as expected.

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