How can I have a popup on a BI Dashboard which closes when you click anywhere?

First step is to add a push button that will trigger the popup visibility.
Ensure that the source and destination of the button are set appropriately in relation to the next step.

The next thing to do would be to build the spreadsheet formulas onto another spreadsheet tab.
Enter the following into the cells shown below:-

  • A1 = Popup Visible? or any text that will help define what the following 2 rows are to be used for
  • B1 = No
  • B2 = =IF(B1=”Yes”,”No”,”Yes”)

This is what you should end up with:

Now for a user fiendly aspect we should add a background that will differentiate the popup content from the main dashboard content.
Add a Rectangle component, which will become the shaded background of your popup.  Set its properties as follows:

  • Fill: Solid, Black
  • Transparency: 50{82d3856af180cc9d2fc773d417a6c0834e49192060d368503f5ba20bb6995f1b}
  • Visibility Status: B1
  • Visibility Key: Yes

Ensure that the rectangle’s size covers your entire dashboard (or whatever region you wish to obscure)

Now we need to add what ever components that will make up the content of the popup
Ensure to set each component properties as below:

  • Visibility Status: B1.
  • Visibility Key: ”Yes”.


The final step in this process is to add another push button that will act as the close from anywhere click functionality.
Add another Push Button component to the dashboard.  Set its properties as follows:

  • Label: None
  • Source: B2
  • Destination: B1
  • Visibility Status: B1
  • Visibility Key: ”Yes”
  • Transparency: 100{82d3856af180cc9d2fc773d417a6c0834e49192060d368503f5ba20bb6995f1b}

Change the button’s size until it has the same size as the black rectangle background.  Also ensure that this push button is ’on top of’ both the black rectangle and the popup component. This is a must as if not the close anywhere functionality will not work as expected.

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