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Who are we at Key Intelligence?

…..We are your partners in the challenge of transforming data into quality management decisions and actions.

The Key Intelligence team is available to work with you on Data Transformation and Business Intelligence projects, delivering great results in a cost effective, structured and sustainable way.

You can be assured that whatever we do for you, it will be properly costed, documented and accounted for, with demonstrable Return On Investment.

Meet our team

James Wigley
Managing Director

James has a wide range of technical skills with considerable experience operating at director and senior management level for over 15 years. He has recently been working as Data Migration Lead moving a local authority from Swift to LiquidLogic.

Jacqui Wigley
Director of Common Sense

Co-Founder Jacqui has many years of experience in the fields of marketing and medical science. She has been involved in all the strategic decisions in the development of Key Intelligence. Jacqui works in the NHS.

Clare O’Reilly
Performance Management Expert

Clare is a member of our Senior Leadership Team, with special responsibility for our Community Initiatives. She is an excellent communicator who has supported staff at all levels for over 10 years and has considerable experience operating at senior management level. She has recently been working as Children’s Performance Manager, developing performance reports and framework, and target setting.

Paul Smith-Goodman
Data Migration and Visualisation Expert

Paul is a member of our Senior Leadership Team, with special responsibility for our Improvement initiatives. He is an excellent problem solver with 15 years’ experience in both Adults and Children’s and at senior management level. He has recently been developing and deploying our KIDS data mart solution with added management and performance dashboards.

Jules Le Bihan
BI Consultant

Jules is a strong SQL developer with a passion for data migration projects. She has recently been working on development of our KIDS data warehouse. Outside of work, Jules is a member of a Community Supported Agriculture project and a regular Parkrun runner and volunteer.

Adrian Bishop
Commercial Consultant

Adrian was Commercial Director and General Manager of several companies in niche technical markets before joining the team here. Alongside his work for KEY Intelligence, Adrian has helped several start-up businesses with their first written business plans and volunteers with local wildlife conservation groups on environment projects.

Amanda Parker

Amanda is the Administrator for the company. Her duties include weekly time sheets, invoice reconciliation and balancing the books.

Chris White
BI Consultant

Chris is an expert in finance, planning and developing scripts to successfully set-up the financial services recording for Adults and Children’s. He has recently been planning, testing and migrating financial records using SQL and SSIS.

Neal Henry
BI Developer

Neal is an excellent dashboard developer. He has recently been planning and developing a suite of Power BI dashboards.

Tom Chatfield
Junior Developer

Tom is responsible for internal developments and specialist support on client projects.

Maddi Thurston
BI Analyst

Having previously worked within an NHS Business Intelligence Unit as an Information Analyst, Maddi has now worked on a variety of projects including Stat Returns, Power BI reports and one of our large Migration projects.

Alin Boros
BI Developer

Alin is a strong VBA developer. He has recently been developing and customising our internal project tracker tools.

Tate Feresu
Project Co-ordinator and Controller

Tate is our Project Controller, ensuring that the right work is done by the right people in the team. She is continually developing the client and internal project tracker tools that we use.

Pinky Chethiparambil

Pinky was previously a lecturer. With a background in statistics, she’s very enthusiastic and taking on a new challenge after a career break. Outside of work, Pinky enjoys introducing her children to the joys of the natural world.

Gary Jackson

Gary is excited to join the KI team. He has found a new passion for coding and development and is looking forward to learning new skills.

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