We have built a social care-focused reporting solution delivering a single version of the truth from a clearly designed and documented data warehouse that is not supplier specific.

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KEY Intelligence has more than 20 years’ dedicated experience of turning Local Authority Social Care and Housing data into accessible information for decision makers.

And now, born of that deep understanding of the needs and issues in the sector, KEY Intelligence launches Cascade, a dedicated data warehouse that will ensure accurate and consistent information is available on demand to all levels of the organisation.

Our consultants will work with you to tailor Cascade precisely to your local environment and leave your team trained and equipped to maintain the system.

What is Cascade?

Cascade is a structured series of data tables that draws data items from your Case Records Management system and other sources, such as the internet and local spreadsheets, and transforms them in line with your own workflows and processes to provide report-ready outputs, allowing you and your team to build reports, dashboards, and Statutory Returns quickly and at any time from pre-calculated and clearly-labelled data.

With output tables already aligned with your own reporting requirements, there is a reduced need to interrogate the raw data sources, saving time, lowering the level of developer skills needed to build reports and reducing the risk of human error and the inconsistent reporting that can result.

And when a process or Statutory Return requirement is changed, a single adjustment to the logic functions within Cascade will automatically adapt ALL downstream objects so that your reports instantly and consistently reflect the change.

KEY Intelligence offers Cascade modules for Adults and Children’s Services and Social Care Finance, with upgrades for Statutory Return changes.

How does Cascade work?

Cascade sits on a local server, between your data sources and your reporting and presentation tools. Through a descending series of data tables and tailored scripts, where each level builds on the outputs of the level above, the data are extracted from source, logically transformed to align with your own local rules, arranged into function-related groups, and placed into output tables fully aligned with either local reporting needs or Statutory Returns, clearly labelled and ready for selection.

What are the benefits of Cascade? 

Information consistency at all levels and across the organisation.

Reporting that accurately reflects local processes and workflows.

Statutory Return data can be validated at any point in the year.

With a single point upstream edit, process changes instantly feed through to all reports.

Data is clearly organised and readily accessible

Faster responses to ad hoc reporting requests and FOI enquiries

Sample Cascade Output

Want to know more? 

We would love to hear from you please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

“As we’ve been nearing completion of this project I’ve been minded to share with yourself and Jamie that I’ve never before worked with developers who have so quickly and expertly grasped what I have been aiming to achieve. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

PW from CBC

“You’ve done an amazing job on our report project. Well impressed – a work of art.”

LB from from LC CYPS

“The course you ran was very well received. You kept the group together and fulfilled all our requirements.”

JK from London Borough of Harrow ASC

“The BPM are extremely supportive and patient.”

NP from Waltham Forest Council – OT Service

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