KEY Intelligence hits an unbeaten 50

Southampton City Council has become the fiftieth Local Authority in the UK to engage KEY Intelligence to improve the structure, quality and presentation of its Social Care and Housing data. Joining a group of clients that already stretches from the far North East of England to the South Coast and into Wales, Southampton City has chosen to deploy KEY Intelligence’s Datamart Solution to bring together data from its legacy and current case records systems, as they migrate from Paris to Advanced’s CareDirector. This will remove the need to combine and compare reports from the two data sets, and facilitate future changes by the internal team, reducing development time and opening up new areas of information to decision-makers.

The KI DataMart Solution (KIDS) will provide a managed buffer between the historical Paris data, CareDirector and Southampton’s Power BI reporting and visualisation tool. With KIDS in place, new or changed reports no longer mean complicated scripts to draw and manipulate data from the separate CRM databases, and changes to the current, CareDirector, CRM system, whether upgrades or new modules, can be achieved without disrupting existing reports.

When re-development is needed, as workflows or responsibilities change, a one-off reworking of the background logic within the KIDS ensures that all report Outputs for all users are updated seamlessly and simultaneously, removing a lot of duplicated effort, saving time and resource, and reducing the scope for human error.

Alison Milton, Southampton’s Programme Manager said: “Members of our team had worked with Key Intelligence before on a similar project for a London Borough and spoke highly of the KI team’s skills and customer commitment.  The team are knowledgeable and easy to work with, they understand our business, aren’t phased by the volume or complexity of our data and will go to great lengths to find solutions that work for us.  The breadth of skills and experience that KI bring to the table gives us complete confidence that our project will be delivered on time, to a high standard and will maximise value from our constrained budget”.

James Wigley, MD of KEY Intelligence confirmed: “We are excited to have now reached the milestone of our 50th client, which means that almost one in three Local Authorities with Social Care responsibilities have at some point turned to us for support. Many of those clients, like Southampton, have come to us following recommendations from their peers in other councils, so I am delighted that our craftsmanship and value for money continue to be so well regarded.”

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