Bespoke Reports

We have recently begun working with a new Authority, who came to Key Intelligence after a strong recommendation from a neighbouring council, a long-standing client of ours.

This new client, with only a limited number of child cases to record, has always ‘made do’ with the standard report set provided with its CMS but, when they realised that several of these reports were not running correctly, they called on Key Intelligence to investigate, and resolve, the running problems and to create new, and more useful, reports for their team to use on a more regular basis.

Re-mapping the reports revealed several wrong and missing links that were quickly corrected, and we were able to focus on the department’s real-life work-flows to ensure that all key milestones in their processes were being captured and were reportable, something they could not achieve with the CMS vendor’s off-the-shelf ‘best practice’ report set.

As the Authority, given their limited number of child cases, has chosen not to invest in Reporting and Presentation software, all new reports were written freehand in SQL and added to the CMS report repository to allow users to run the reports easily when needed.

These new reports are already in regular use and have brought attention to several previously unnoticed recording and data quality issues that are already being corrected.

The client has now asked Key Intelligence to develop enhanced Ofsted Annex A datasheets that, alongside the statutory reporting elements, will provide a data monitoring capability and facilitate responses to Freedom of Information requests by incorporating additional fields.

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