Waltham Forest


Our client a UK Children and Young Person Social Care Department asked us to create a suite of reports that would enable them to monitor statutory indicators on a month by month basis for looked after children. These performance indicators would directly relate to Statutory Reporting requirements such as SSDA903 and CIN Census.

Our Challenge

To produce a suite of reports that was able to report a large number of different indicators on a month by month basis as a collection of snapshot type reports and data quality reports.

The KEY Intelligence Solution

Our client started by defining each of the indicators and identifying the business processes that related to the data requirements for all of the indicators. We took these definitions and business processes and developed a set of detailed specification documents which formed the start of the documentation trail.

Development began by creating a derived calendar table to return month start and month end dates and a set of database views, tables and functions that assisted with the complex set of business processes identified. Each indicator resulted in one or more performance reports and data quality reports. These reports were fully tested and documented and finally scheduled to refresh on the first day of each month to provide the month on month performance statistics.


The Completed reports enable our client to monitor and report all their performance indicators simply and easily on a month by month basis. They also enable them to keep on top of many elements that will annually be submitted to the UK Government by way of Statutory Returns.

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