In response to the introduction of a set of national performance indicators into UK Children Social Care Service, our client a UK Children and Young Person Social Care Department approached us to provide a digest report that would enable them to monitor the individual indicators on a month by month basis.

Our Challenge

To produce a single document that was able to report a large number of different indicators on a month by month basis as a collection of snapshot type reports.

The KEY Intelligence Solution

We started by defining each of the indicators and identifying any current reports that may assist with or already report the data required for any of the indicators. After an initial check about 50 for indicators were all or in part subject of an existing report.

A new universe was created to be used specifically for the new digest, this universe was made up of many derived tables each specific to individual indicators. Also included was a derived calendar table to return month on month statistics and a derived definition table used to create individual report pages based on a basic template.


The Completed report enables our client to monitor and report all their KEY Performance data simply and easily on a month by month basis. This also enables them to keep on top of many elements that will annually be submitted to the UK Government by way of Statutory Returns.

Example Report .. KEY_CLA_Digest_Sample

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