Annex A

Not strictly speaking a Statutory return of course, but the new Ofsted inspection regime has meant a raft of new reports, or changes to existing reports, were required, in a number of different client sites.

Our challenge has been to produce a number of reports and minimise the time it takes to run the reports, as they would need to be run at the drop of a hat.

The KEY Intelligence Solution

We decided upon creating a new universe that would contain one table per report. This would, therefore, speed up the running of the reports as they would not be utilizing many joins across many different tables in the same universe.

The other benefit of this was that it would mean that if changes were required to one report then they would only need to be amended in one derived table and not made across an entire full universe.

All joins required in the tables were set where possible to Inner Joins, this meant that when the SQL was run that no unnecessary rows were returned which could cause significant time delays in returning the data for the reports.

As a team, these scripts were stored in a central location so that when required they could be utilized across multiple sites and amended with ease. This meant that when reports were required they were generated without the time delays first seen when first creating a report.


Saving much needed time when a local borough council was presented with an Ofsted Inspection. Reports could be returned in a more efficient manner and data could be edited or amended with relative ease.

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