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    At KEY Intelligence we have the skills, experience and vision to help you produce user friendly dashboards which allow you to make fact based decisions and take information driven action
  • "Our mission is to help put trusted information at the heart of every Council’s drive to improve the lives of their citizens" -James Wigley, MD

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    Fully customised to your business processes, tested, documented and handed over. Call 01453 767142 for a free consultation.
An effective presentation layer,  
delivered with the minimum of effort on the part of the decision maker is KEY to effective Business Intelligence.

Every Key Intelligence technologist knows how to produce the best looking and most effective dashboards - no matter which platform you have chosen.
KEY technologists have been working with Local Authorities to help produce their Stat Returns for over 20 years.

We know the guidance, the data structures and the pitfalls inside out.

We know how rarely the "touch of a button " solution really works.
ETL, Schemata, Optimization, and slowly changing dimensions.
KEY terms and concepts of DW Design are part of our every day language.

We can help you design & build an effective, well documented and sustainable Intelligence infrastructure.
We aim to meet the many differing needs of new and existing clients at a remarkably cost effective price.

We pride ourselves on our versatile and flexible approach to delivering services and resources where and when they are needed and within the agreed SLA's

BI projects seldom run smoothly, often simply because some vital skills are missing at crucial moments.

Our highly flexible team is ready to join your project at any stage.

Key Technologists hit the ground running with relevant experience and a fresh perspective.
KEY Mentoring services, Strategic development, workshops & training courses are custom designed to ensure the most effective skills transfers.
Business Objects training - from BI Knowledge Transfer experts Key Intelligence

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